Brushstroke Nails and Beauty is something I have been working on for around three years. Slowly piecing it all together, nail by nail, lash by lash.

In January 2017 I started learning all things nails, saving up and booking myself onto CND’s most advanced course - Liquid and Powder Beginners. I guess you could say I threw myself into the deep end. Enhancements was where my interests lay and I was determined to know everything I needed to in order to create the perfect nail. I was obsessed with building something that was a replica of the natural nail and being able to completely transform a clients hands into something they were proud to show off. Anyway, my Liquid & Powder Beginners course came and went... after six months of practice I was ready for something else.

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June 2017 was on the horizon and after doing a little research, I found the CND Brisa Gel Conversion course. This was a great opportunity for me to stick to my roots (enhancements) while learning about an alternative to Liquid and Powder and broaden my clientele. This was a very exciting time for me as it introduced the CND LED lamp!

Brisa Gel was a hit and I loved it just as much as Liquid & Powder - it could be argued that I loved it more - however I didn't stop there as I was also very keen to learn about CND Shellac. Now that I had my CND LED lamp in hand, and after working solely on enhancements from the start of my beauty career, I was ready to perform manicures on the natural nail. I was ready to introduce a service for clients who had great natural nails and had no need for the extra strength and length either Liquid & Powder or Brisa Gel had to offer.

As we all know, Shellac is a one of a kind product. It is not like any other ‘gel polish’ and is more often referred to as a 'hybrid'. It is extremely gentle on the natural nail and is removed in less than five minutes... what’s not to love?? I guess it was to no surprise that introducing this service to Brushstroke Nails and Beauty was the right thing to do and in doing so it opened yet another door for myself as a Nail Professional. That being the door into the realm of nail art. I would say that this was where I found my own style which I would then project on to my clients nails but also on to my business. It was from here that I came up with the name ‘Brushstroke’ as it conveys my love for all things arty-farty, glittery, covered in foils and drenched in Swarovskis. Not to mention those bad ass sets of nails which are entirely hand painted and take me about half a day to complete... these nails are my favourite.

As the story goes I introduced CND Creative Play Gel Polish and Lecenté Builder Gel in order to have a perfect service option for every client. Also added to the treatment menu - LashUS The Lift. After only having just tested the water with this new treatment I can feel myself becoming obsessed with the ins and outs of it all. Knowing how and why all the products work and why we use them is SO important to me as a person and also as a professional.

I have so many crazy and amazing plans for the future of Brushstroke Nails and Beauty, this is me only just getting started.