Looking after your nails

Make sure you book regular appointments with your nail professional

Don't pick, peel or bite your nails

Book in with the Nail Doctor as soon as you can if you require a nail repair

Always wear gloves when doing household chores such as cleaning, cooking and gardening

Use cuticle oil at least twice a day

Do NOT use your nails as tools - look after them

Avoid things like fake tan, purple shampoo and curry sauce (staining may occur)

Some sun tan oils, lotions and insect repellents contain DEET and will cause major damage to your nail coatings - wash your hands immediately after using any of these products and make sure they are dried thoroughly

If on holiday, remember to wash your hands after swimming and dry thoroughly

Visit the salon for safe removals of any product

Looking after your lashes

Keep your lashes dry for 24 hours after the treatment takes place - this means no hair washing, no mascara, no lash conditioning serums and no sweating at the gym, etc

After the first 24 hours, it is recommended that you use the Lash and Brow Elixir daily to promote healthy lash growth and keep lashes in top condition

Make sure to comb your lashes upwards regularly throughout the first 24 hours to encourage the lift as it sets

You must avoid coming into contact with steam for at least 48 hours after the treatment as they are still setting into place

Do NOT rub your lashes


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