Welcome to Brushstroke Nails and Beauty, a home-based salon in Inverbervie where I, Amy Jamieson, Director and CEO (wink, wink) offer luxury beauty treatments through the use of results driven products, knowledge and complete professionalism. I pride myself on offering a truly memorable experience at every visit, while still maintaining to sustain an affordable treatment menu.

Although only a small salon, I place Brushstroke Nails and Beauty beside even the most popular salons and spas because of my attention to detail, creativity and exceptional standard of work. Making sure to keep on trend and more importantly innovative by continuously progressing my skills via follow-on or advanced courses.

Here at Brushstroke Nails and Beauty I offer something extremely unique! I not only offer services which cannot be booked anywhere else within 50 miles but I offer it alongside a customer service which is second to none - I guess all those tens of years I spent working in a local panini shop didn't completely go to waste!

Through some hard graft (and some serious help) I have transformed part of my house which was - back in the day - an off license and - even before that - a tailors into a stunning salon and spa. With it's own entrance you feel completely separate from the rest of the house (and from the rest of the world) providing you with the best opportunity to take some time out of your busy life in order to concentrate on more serious matters, such as relaxation and stress relieving.

There are many things that are important, one of which is - GOOD. QUALITY. PRODUCTS. After thorough testing and research I have personally selected only a few brands to use for all my nail, lash and spa services. Those being CND, Glitterbels, Lecenté, IBX and LashUS. By doing so I can guarantee my clients will get the most out of each treatment.


As a professional I am here to offer advice on the best, most rewarding treatments and also to make sure that before leaving, everyone knows and understands the appropriate aftercare. With this being said, I know that whatever my client leaves with, the treatment will be completely personal and tailored to suit their highest expectations.

I am totally against 'cutting corners' and have invested my whole life into this salon and getting it right. Not only for me but for the benefit of my client family. I sure do hope that when you visit you can see the passion (blood, sweat and tears) which has gone into this life long dream of mine.

If you are interested and in need of a 'pick-me-up' or have an important event to attend - maybe you need an hour away from the kids or want the craziest hand painted nail art, please do get in touch.


The best you is only a brushstroke away.